About Blazn & Missy's Vision

Tra'mese "Missy" Byrd

Founder and CEO
Missy Byrd is an Air Force veteran, athlete, inventor, and self-identifying stoner. She recently settled in the greater Seattle area  to pursue her dream to grow a company that celebrates her passion for cannabis.   

What was the spark for Blazn?
Upon her honorable medical discharge from the military, Missy's life was forever changed when she tried her first strain of recreational cannabis. It affected her so much so that she immediately began to have a vision for bringing smokers together -- which is why she created Blazn.

What's next for Blazn users?

The story is just getting started for Blazn. As Missy continues to grow the team and Blazn continues to grow its customer base, there is an amazingly fun and good-spirited app being developed for you in the background. And for those interested, we'll have an early adopters program. 

Company Highlights!

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Seattle, WA


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