The Trailblazer

My Name is Missy Byrd

I am a disabled veteran and the creator of Blazn. While serving in the Air Force I had a brain tumor. Once I left I tried cannabis as a way to heal my aches and pains. I discovered that cannabis not only helped me reenter the world but it helped me see it in a different light. I started traveling across the country trying different strains that the legal states had to offer. I soon realized that there is a perfect strain for every activity.

Blazn is a space for cannabis enthusiasts to express themselves, and their interests. If you like movies we will help you find the perfect strain to go with your movie night. Don’t know much about cannabis, but want to learn? We have helpful facts and information here on our site!

Blazn is a space for stoners by stoners! Log in, make a profile and join our community! Don’t be a loner stoner.